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Crimson Accord 2025

Character Creation

Anyone can submit a Mortal, Werewolf, Mage or Vampire concept that does not fall into the category of 'antagonist'. Antagonist characters are defined as being intrinsically at odds with the major Factions in game. (Ie. Hunters or groups that want to destroy the current Supernatural Factons) There is a plot point system in play that will allow antagonists and other character types to be unlocked by the player at a later date. Information on this can be found in the Plot Point section.

Character Template

All supernatural characters were either embraced or changed anywhere from one to three months prior to the first game. If you have strong in character reasons to be as much as a year old, please contact the staff for approval. This insures that the player will be immersed in a story rife with unknowns and mysteries to uncover. People who read our House Rules section noticed that we are not using any one set of core rules. We changed the history and structure of the world as well. The fluff some players may have read in a variety of rulebooks may not exist in our game, or may not be what some players think. The Giovanni may very well be a bloodline of diabolists… just like the rumor you heard in game said. The only way to find out the truth is to do so in game, not by reading a book. Those emotions linked to the unknown are a defining mood for the game, which is why we not only changed the fluff… we completely altered the very world the characters live in.

Mortal Prelude Questions

All characters came from somewhere. Even people who were transformed into 'something else' still have anchors and touchstones of foundation and meaningful history in mortal society, especially the newly transformed like the new characters in our LARP. The Storytellers want to know what these anchors and touchstones are. The more information a player gives us, the more we understand who their character is in our unique world, city, story and plot. This allows us to understand what matters to your character and craft stories that we hope you will find more fun and engrossing.

Bearing in mind that your character is very new to the world of the supernatural (and in some cases not even yet aware of it) please answer at least seven of the following prelude question groups (1/3rd of them)… though you certainly welcome to answer as many more than that as you like. Responses often include additional short narratives or blurbs that the player feels are relevant in fleshing their character out.

Our game kicked off with the fictional destruction of the United Nations on February 29th, 2000. As of the last revision of these questions (done IRL on September 06, 2016) our in game time line as reached 2025. Be aware that in our world many elements of mortal and supernatural history, culture and cosmology are different from both the real world and the published World of Darkness. These questions also help us to bring characters smoothly into line with our unique universe.

Note: Unless the people mentioned are also specified as linked to Backgrounds, Merits or Flaws (i.e.: Mentor, Ally, Retainer, Enemy, Ward, etc…) this information will be used for character development purposes and as springboards and story hooks for plots to naturally flesh out your characters place in the world and mesh you into our plots and storyline.

  1. How old is your character and where did they grow up? If not from New Amsterdam when and why did they come here?
  2. Tell us about your character's family and upbringing. What did their parents do? Does your character have any immediate or extended family members that remain close to them?
  3. Describe one key event from your character's childhood that was a defining moment for them.
  4. Name and describe the three people who have been most important in your character's life and tell us why they had such a positive or negative impact on your character. Are they still alive, and if so where are they?
  5. What level of education did your character achieve? What is their employment history like?
  6. Does your character currently have a job or attend any kind of school? If not how do they support themselves? Are there any organizations that are very central to or influential on your character? (Examples could include: Union, church, dojo/gym, doing or being supported by some kind of volunteer work, etc...)
  7. Briefly tell us about your characters general social life and relationship history, or lack thereof? Tell us of one or two specific past or present relationship events that were important to the character. (This could be love from afar, rejection/betrayal, unrequited love, how illness or imprisonment affected a relationship, etc…)
  8. If there are people/organizations has your character cut ties with, how and why? (This may or may not relate to a recent transformation into or awareness of the World of Darkness.)
  9. Pick at least one cultural variable that is important about or to your character and tell us why. (Examples could be ethnicity, religion, philosophy, etc…)
  10. Describe an event in your character’s past where your character had an 'epiphany' of some sort. What happened and how did this epiphany change your character's perspective?
  11. Describe three mementos/sentimental items that your character feels are important and why. These are often but not always in your possession.
  12. Describe at least one strength and one weakness of your characters personality. If different, feel free to also include what others may perceive as a strength and weakness.
  13. What did/does your character love, hate and fear the most? Has that changed at some point (possibly in relation to your transformation into or awareness of the World of Darkness)?
  14. What are the core concepts of your character’s sense of morality and or values, or lack thereof? Have these changed at some point (possibly in relation to your transformation into or awareness of the World of Darkness)? Everyone has some sense of what they hold right, wrong, important and valuable (even criminals, outcasts and villains) though they may not be what is commonly accepted by society.
  15. Where does your character live? What is the place/area like? (This may relate to dots in Background Stronghold: Location, Security and or Size.)
  16. What are three examples of your character’s hobbies, interests and pastimes? Where do they spend free time? (The bar/club, gym/dojo, pool hall, racetrack/OTB, library, old boys club, golf course, marina, camping, rock climbing, etc…)
  17. What was your character doing when a major, cataclysmic event occurred in the city? This could be when anarchists blew up the United Nations on February 29th, 2000? It could also be the Leprosodic Plague that ravaged the city from 2015 – 2025? Momentous occasions on this scale tend to imprint on people's memories, how did these events affect your character?
  18. What motivates your character?
  19. What are your character’s current short and long term goals?
  20. 20. If your character has been transformed into or become aware of the supernatural when did they first become aware that something 'odd' was going on? Kindred tend to stalk/set up tests for prospective Childer A Mage's Avatar slowly awakens to the possibility of a malleable reality and Shifter changes rarely occur without some psychological or physical manifestations prior to the first one. Do you have a helpful Sire/mentor who has helped facilitate this process?
  21. If your character has a theme or recurring element you wish to explore please describe how it has manifested so far and the general direction you might imagine it going
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