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Crimson Accord 2025

Character Submission

All character submissions are to be sent to staff prior to the deadline. (email both the prelude and proposed stats to: staff@crimsonaccord.com) This will insure that approved characters can be added to the Master database and be ready to play next game. Both Attributes and Abilities are rated from 1 to 5. The breakdown of how each dot in Attributes and Abilities is represented can be found here.

Supernatural Template

Non-Mortals Choose from one of the following templates:

Finishing Touches

Next each character has 5 points to spend on Backgrounds.

Freebie Points

Note: Mystery Flaws may be taken to add extra Freebie Points to the Character. 10 Points in Mystry Flaws will give the player an extra 13 Freebie points to spend (For a total of 28 Freebie Points!).

Each player will initially have 15 points to spend on freebies. Freebie points can be spent to raise anything on a character sheet by one dot per expenditure. The following is the cost for raising each area:

Trait Cost per Dot
Attribute 5
Ability 2
Backgrounds 1
Willpower 1
Note: Willpower cannot be raised more than two points above its starting base without back story explanation and Storyteller approval.

Supernatural Power Cost per Dot
Power 7
Virtue 2
Humanity 1
Note: Powers are defined as Disciplines for Kindred, Gifts for Shifters and Spheres for Mages.

Potency Total Cost in BG or Freebie Points
1 1
2 3
3 6
4 10
5th 15
Note: Kindred call this "Blood Potency", Shifters call this “Pure Breed”, and Mages call it “Avatar”

Fuel Mastery Earned XP needed Experience per Rank
1 50 8
2 100 16
3 150 24
4 250 32
5 350 40

Spend Merits and Flaws -speak to Staff about them. Staff has tailor made variants of several WoD Merits and Flaws.

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