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night time city scapes
Crimson Accord 2025

Characters & Comfort Levels

Not all character concept submissions will be accepted. We are sculpting a world with specific moods and themes, not every concept will fit this particular LARP. Cartoonish or wacky characters will not be conducive to the overall feel of the game and not be accepted. Characters overly focused on topics that may be seriously disturbing to others in the game may not be accepted (if your history touches on something, such as rape or child abuse - but it is not a heavy focus that would consistently affect direct game play it will not likely be an issue).

Consider any insanity carefully to determine if the character remains realistically playable. If your character can not perform the functions required of them and or cannot be trusted to follow the rules of your kind… they aren’t playable, and will be disallowed rather than being introduced only to cause disturbance before needing to be removed. This does include Malkavians and all others which may inherently come into the game with some degree of insanity.

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