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A Domain is an important location within a city that can be influenced, controlled or outright bought by a character. They confer certain bonuses on the character that ‘owns’ them and need to be acquired through the use of Backgrounds.


  1. Each Domain has a rating from one to five and is usually associated with an Ability or sphere of influence. (A bar where criminals frequent would be under the ‘street’ influence sphere as well as ‘Larceny’) If this bar was a 2 dot Domain it could be used as an Ic reason to buy up Backgrounds like Contacts, Allies or maybe even Retainers up to a 2 (the level of the Domain) with experience. Note: This is the quickest and easiest way to raise Background dots. Backgrounds need serious In Character reasons to be raised.
  2. The benefits may be transferred to another player on a month by month basis, allowing other people to borrow your Domain benefit. Backgrounds can only be raised one dot per game. This makes controlling a Domain an in game commodity that is the backbone of the system of Kindred Prestation. (Accruing favors called Boons that become legal transactions among the Kindred.)

Acquiring Domains:

  1. Open Domains are added to a player’s Character Packet. These are the important locations that for whatever reason are not being controlled by anyone. Players who want to begin the process of acquiring a Domain must add these requests to in between game actions, called Down Times.
  2. Once a player allocates certain Background Dots to a Domain roll they are considered ‘Tapped’, which means they cannot be used for any other type of roll. Example: A player wants to own that criminal bar and decides to ‘TAP’ his dots of Resources to try and buy it. 1. When attacking a Domain, you use the highest appropriate skill from the following chart, combined with the most appropriate social skill:

Domains and Abilities

Domain Categories Primary Skills Needed
Academia academics or investigation
Bureaucracy bureaucracy or finance
Legal bureaucracy or academics
Entertainment persuasion or expression
Financial finance or bureaucracy
Health medicine or technology
High Society high society or expression
Law Enforcement intimidate or security
Media investigate or expression
Occult academics or enigmas
Politics politics or expression
Religion academics or expression
Transportation politics or technology
Street streetwise or persuasion
Underworld intimidate or subterfuge

Base difficulty is 6.

If the attacking character does not have the Primary skill, any skill may be used if appropriate at +1 difficulty.

If the attacking character is using an appropriate City Influence, the difficulty is not altered. If using an inappropriate Influence, the difficulty is +2

Health levels per level of domain are 2 for unowned Domain Dots. The Level of the Domain dots for characters (PCs and NPCs) is determined by the Ability levels for player owned dots. So a player with Health 3 will have a Health Domain with 3 'health levels' per Domain dot.

Sanctioned Domains:

Once a player controls every Dot of a Domain he could petition his Faction Leader to acknowledge that the character is the sanctioned owner of that domain. Some Factions have an intricate bureaucracy in regard to Domains (Ie.Kindred)

Replenishing Backgrounds:

Backgrounds may be used at game or in Down Times. If the situation warrants the use of a background Staff will inform the player and one or more dots will be 'tapped' (filled in on the character sheet.). Rolls will be made and the background will be tapped. All Backgrounds untap at the end of the downtime phase of each game. this means that Backgrounds that were tapped during game can't be used for actions in between games during the same game session. (Ex: Someone with a 3 in Contacts wants to find information out during game, their dots is 'tapped' at game (bubbled in by Staff) and rolls are made. They cannot be used for that session's Down Times as well.

Once Downtime actions are concluded all Background dots are untapped/refreshed to be used again at the next game.

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