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Crimson Accord 2025

Fashion and Style

Crimson Accord strives to portray a ‘noir’ feel in game. The populace of New Amsterdam are no strangers to tragedy, whether it's the bombing of the U.N. building by Anarchs, the collapse of the entire '6' line that created the Lexington ave. Canal, or the Leprosodic Plague that claimed the lives of many residents of the city.

‘Dark elegance’ would be a good short descriptor as ladies wearing netted face veils mingle with sharply dressed men in black suits, as if the entire city were still in mourning over the various tragic events that occurred over time.

The following are some examples of the look and feel that we are going for from movies like "Blade Runner" and "Dark City":

Rachel from Bladerunner
Castiel Image
female from Dark City
Dark City male
Dark City strangers
film noir male
fringe noir
male cardigan
male fashion
noir street pose
old gentleman
Rachel from Bladerunner
silver screen noir
woman in black veil
woman in veil
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