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Crimson Accord 2025

Game Theme: Mystery

All first time characters in ‘this’ LARP will know nothing for sure about the supernatural world. They will only know what they have been told by those who raised them into the fold, which makes playing a rogue as dangerous as it should be… since you truly know nothing, and makes Mentor a common and valuable Background. Rumors actually hold weight in our game because their aren’t volumes of rulebooks and fluff to fall back on.

All new Vampire characters should be built from a healthy Mortal concept which would have attracted the interest of other Kindred who saw a use and value of some kind in them. As a general rule you were embraced within the last month. If you are of no use to a Sire you wouldn’t have been embraced.

All new Werewolf characters will start the game as cubs. As a general rule you underwent your First Change within the last six months.

All other concepts like Mages or one of the other factions available when unlocked with Plot Points They may also start as mortals and eventually ‘awaken’ or be transformed into their new supernatural role after they unlock that concept.

Out of Character information: There isn’t any ‘Out Of Character information’. All Staff will respect the privacy of the Players and maintain the secrecy of your background and actions, etc… but if you know learn it from a player (not a sourcebook) In or Out Of Game, your character knows it and can use it as In Game information.

This is not a hostile policy. Everyone loves to talk about the cool points or acts of their character, but few who hear such things can really pretend to not know them or in the long run share them with yet another friend.

Out Of Character information, even when well intended leads to trouble and metagaming, even when people strive not to let it. So… in order to avoid such issues which ruin everyone’s fun there is no Out Of Character information.

Please do not use information you’ve read in sourcebooks in game. Unless Staff tells you a rumor about ‘A bloodline of Necromancers called the Giovanni’ Assume your character knows nothing about them. This also counts for fables like how “Caine or Lilithe” were the first Vampires. Terms like Sabbat and Pentex should not be used in game.

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