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Crimson Accord 2025

Magi and Symposium applications are currently: Open

The Ordo Magi

I am power made manifest

by my will...

...so it is done.

They walk among the citizens of New Amsterdam in plain sight, mortals that have discovered arcane secrets and harness power that can bend the fabric of reality. Secret societies of like minded Magi, called Orders work from behind the scenes to both protect humanity from the horrors that lie beyond the veil of belief and shepherd them towards personal enlightenment. Magi are as diverse as the cultures they come from; their strength lies in the fact that their personal paradigms about what “The Truth” really is bolster their capabilities to super human levels. Some speak in hushed whispers of the Arch Magi that can not only bend, but change the fabric of reality to their will.


There is a difference between knowledge and belief; it's in that gray area in between where a Mage's paradigm lies. Most people know certain things to be true and are unwavering in that knowledge. Fire is hot, water can evaporate and air is necessary to sustaining life are fundamental aspects of reality that we attain on a 'knowledge' level at an early age. Mages are mortals that have had an epiphany... these 'truths' are not true at all, they can be changed. This epiphany that reality is malleable is a belief system that in some way or another can be applied.

Mage Rules:

Our system is home made. It has a loose foundation in OWoD Revised Mage, though the mechanics are completely altered to be better integrated in a hybrid game.

The Orders:

Players that wish to create a Magi character should think about how they perceive Magic. Are they a voodoo shaman that gathers power from powerful Loa spirits? Maybe their Magi uncovered certain true names and speak words of power? Maybe they have the blood of ancient heroes that course through their veins, or are so devout that God himself grants them power to do his bidding on earth. The only thing a player needs to have is a concept; Staff will work out the details with them and help flesh out their characters. Magi are similar to what WoD players would consider ‘Hedge Mages’ or ‘Sorcerers’. They have a pre-made set of powers that have been unlocked. Players can spend 10 Plot points to awaken into an Arch Mage, which can wield truly powerful reality bending powers after completing their first seeking. New players will be allowed to make Arch MAge characters with Staff approval and owe us the 10 Plot Points.

The Symposium

Clearance level: Increased

Report for briefing on dimensional incursions

Progressive Dynamics:

‘The Supernatural’ is just an archaic term for beings that have entered our world so long ago that they have ingrained themselves into the fabric of our societies’ history. These ‘intra-terrestrials’ are just as dangerous as the ‘extra terrestrial’ threats that encroach on humanity. Progressive Dynamics is just one of many Government sponsored agencies that uses technologically advanced hyper-science to both protect our citizens and propel humanity into the future. Players that wish to create a Pro-Dyne Operative (mortal) or Enlightened Agent (Techno Mage) may send their concepts to Staff and we will work with them through the creation process.

Mage Specific Qualities


All Mages and Arch Mages start with one free dot in each of the three virtues and allocate seven more dots. These are the virtues:

The ability to come to grips with the mind bending aspects of warping reality. It is rolled to Mitigate Paradox and Sanity checks.

The Mage's ability to tap into their Mana reserve to accrue needed successes in a spell.

Courage helps a Mage overcome fear in the face of horrors.

is equal to the combined scores of Rationality and Composure.
is equal to the character's Courage rating.
Mana pool
is equal to the character's Stamina attribute, Power Score +10. The backgrounds Avatar and Mana Mastery may raise their Character's Power score. Speak to staff.
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