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Crimson Accord 2025

Plot Points

The Storytellers want to reward the players that contribute to the game above and beyond the actions and interests of their characters.  The players who costume above and beyond what is generally expected, who add to the setting by bringing their own props and running locations and people who volunteer play time to help us judge scenes or run plots will be rewarded.

Plot Points can be spent on a variety of rewards that range from unlocking races that are not available from the start (Antagonists groups, Prestige Classes, Mages or other supernatural races are an example of this) to character specific rewards like re-writing a character death.  (Your character may be alive, yet they woke up looking at their body strapped to a mad scientist’s table because they are a brain in a jar.)

Plot Points can not be used by players in any PvP situation except in extreme circumstances approved by the Head Storyteller. Plot Points are primarily for altering the outcome of a 'Player Vs Environment' situation. 

How to accrue Plot Points

Setup / Cleanup
1 point for setup, 1 point for cleanup

Exceptional Costuming
Players that make the game interesting through costuming will be rewarded.

Motivating other player
Sometimes new players need help getting involved. Veteran players that include others in their plots and role play will be rewarded 1 Plot Point.

Exceptional Roleplay
At the end of the night players will cast a roleplay vote for a player on the back of their character sheets. Players will get 1 - 3 plot points for player votes and 1 plot point for staff votes.

Various points for setting decorations
Staff will post a list of various props we would like to borrow for the game. Players that tell us what they are bringing will receive plot points.

Hosting a location
Players that host locations, like bars, tea houses or casinos will receive 1 - 2 plot point for hosting a location on top of the points received for props

Bringing a new player to the game
1 point is awarded for the first three games the player shows up to.

Playing a Ghoul, Custo, Enhanced Mortal or Kinfolk - 1 point
This is a good way to have your character change into something you unlocked by roleplaying out the embrace or change

Playing a Mortal
2 points for playing a mortal

NPC shifts
1 point for every two hours for acting as a scripted non-player character.

Food and Props
1+ point for either bringing food or props that enhance the setting or an NPC role to game.

Dedicated Aspects
1+ points for maintaining a dedicated aspect of the game. (Like writing the City Pages, coordinating menus or maintaining the kitchen at game)

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