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Crimson Accord 2025


Alternate history fiction is fast becoming a genre unto itself. Students of history learn that events can be described as 'cause and effect' chains. Events that occurred decades, centuries or even millenia ago would change the direction of our future. The world would not be as we know it.

Imagine a world where the Dutch lost the colony of New Amsterdam. Would the British have taken it over? If so, what would its name be? What would have happened to the massive Native American enclave out on Long Island if there wasn't a prevalent Dutch influence in the area? Questions like these would set the imagination in motion. History would have taken a much different route if the Republic of Texas was not a staunch ally of the United States, or if the Czar's White Army wasn't able to retreat to the Alaskan enclave via the trans-Siberian railroad.

The world would not be as we know it.

The game is set in modern times, starting from May 2000 and progressing onward. The City still remembers the Anarchist bombing of the United Nations back then, as well as the recent Leprosodic Plague that ended in 2025. We have a 'Time Jump' mechanic that allows us to speed up time to fill in the gaps when the important plot elements of the story are not taking place. This also helps us create in depth characters that start off as neonates and progress to elder levels if they survive.

Many elements of the setting were created due to the in game actions of our players, including the creation of entire Factions within the game world.

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