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night time city scapes
Crimson Accord 2025

Even the dead dream of paradise.

That dream is the Millenial City, a city that can support a thousand Kindred comfortably.

That city is New Amsterdam.

This is a tale of the Vampires that call themselves Kindred. A thousand human analogues influence the city; undead husks that pretend to be mortal men. Despite this ‘masquerade’ their Elders long ago forgot what it was really like to be humane. These Lords of the Night are deadly caricatures that most wish would stay asleep. Kindred bodies lost their warmth long ago, now the trick is to stave off the cooling of the soul.

Kindred Template Generation:

Staff will be more than happy to help players that are unfamiliar with character generation. The only thing you need to bring to the table is a concept.

The Kindred of New Amsterdam

This is the monolithic society of the damned. New Amsterdam is ruled by a powerful Kindred called 'a Prince'. Bloodlines of Kindred that dwell in large numbers are considered to be 'In Ascendency' and are called Clans. These Clans sit on the Prince's Primogen Council. The Prince also has a bureaucracy called 'The Ministry of Traditions' that maintains order within his City.

Kindred that are caught breaking his Traditions or Praxis are sent to the Prince's Gardens.

The only Vampires available as your first character in the LARP are members of the Ascended Clans or Tremere. These are the six Clans that are in Ascendancy within New Amsterdam. Not every city has the same number of Clans in ascendancy.

Some have Clans you've never even heard of.

The following is a brief list of the Clans that players can choose from:

Brujah (The Abacti)

The 'Scholar Warriors' of the Vampire world. This diverse Clan attracts everyone from soldiers to Intellectual professors looking to change society. The Abacti believe in both protecting knowledge and sit as the arbitrators of whether or not a city should prosper... or be destroyed so a new city may rise from its ashes. (Note: They are very different from the standard Brujah in old WoD)

Disciplines: Celerity (Super speed, greatly altered in our game), Potence (Super Strength), Presence (An aura of power), and the Clan Secret Discipline


Those Kindred that are attuned to their primal natures. Rumor has it that they originated in the Gladiatorial arenas of Rome. The Gangrel tend to have very close ties with their mortal families and tend to be extremely protective of them. They are the protectors of the city, the 'Prince's Claws'.

Disciplines: Animalism (Control of animals), Fortitude (Super health), Protean (Animal aspects/transformations), and the Clan Secret Discipline


The Clan of Oracles and prophets. Many Kindred of their bloodline are tainted (or gifted depending on your opinion) with an insightful supernatural awareness that could lead to madness.

Disciplines: Auspex (Vampyric senses), Dominate (Mind Control), Obfuscate (Hiding), and the Clan Secret Discipline


Cursed by either a monstrous appearance or something that just does not seem...right about them, the Nosferatu live ‘below’ and tend to exist on the outskirts of Kindred society. They are known to be the most communal vampires, very few of them...if any are at odds with each other. Because of this the Nosferatu have an extensive spy network.

Disciplines: Animalism (Control of animals), Obfuscate (Hiding) , Potence (Super Strength), and the Clan Secret Discipline


The socialites of Kindred society. They are the vampires that best emulate the positive and negative aspects of humanity. They are the undisputed masters of Mortal society.

Disciplines: Auspex (Vampyric senses), Celerity (Super speed, greatly altered in our game), Presence (An aura of power), and the Clan Secret Discipline


The Nobility of the damned. They have created a network of modern feudal Princedoms that some say harken back to an ancient empire of Kindred that has long since fallen.

Disciplines: Dominate (Mind control), Fortitude (Super health), Presence (An aura of power), and the Clan Secret Discipline

The Tremere

The Tremere are scholars of the Vampyric condition. Their is some age old feud between the Ventrue and Tremere that caused the Tremere to all be mystically bound to an oath, as well as having no vote on the Primogen Council. The Tremere are broken up into 'Houses' that each focus on an aspect of mysticism Tremere also come to game as members of a Prestige Class, which for the Tremere is being a member of one of the Tremere Houses. This would cost 3 Plot Points to unlock.

Disciplines: Auspex (Vampyric senses), Dominate (Mind control), Blood Thaumaturgy (Blood Magic) And a House Path. The Tremere do not have a Secret Discipline... yet.


The Clanless. They are the ones who, for some reason have not developed the 'Clan Secret Discipline' of their bloodline. Characters that do not have one Dot of their Clan Secret Discipline by their third game are seen as not being connected with an established bloodline.

Disciplines: Any three you choose, but no Clan Secret

Kindred Specific Qualities


All Kindred start with one free dot in each of the three virtues and allocate seven more dots. These are the virtues:

The fading aspect of a Vampire’s mortal morality. It is rolled whenever a Kindred makes a humanity check.

Self Control:
How well a Vampire can stave off the beast within him and resist a frenzy check.

Even Vampires fear final death. This is the Virtue that represents how a Kindred faces his innate fear of fire. It is used in rotschreck rolls.

is equal to the combined scores of Conscience and Self Control.
is equal to the character's Courage rating.
Blood pool
is equal to the character's Stamina attribute, Power Score +10. The backgrounds Blood Potency and Blood Mastery may raise their Character's Power score. Speak to staff.
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