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Crimson Accord 2025

Shifter applications are currently: Open

We guard against those things that live 'beyond'. They were driven back at a great price. Driven back, yet not defeated.

Shifters are creatures caught between two worlds, our reality and the myriad worlds of the Spirit Realms. They guard against spiritual intrusions and maintain a very close relationship with certain courts of spirit dedicated to the 'natural' aspects of the world. Many believe that Shifter culture and the core ideas of their Tribes pre-dates human culture. The majority of known Shifters in New Amsterdam are wolves and are called The Garou. They control the three major Caerns within the city (Places of power) and both guard these places of power and defend the world from unwanted spiritual incursions. They have a strong affinity to both the earth (Sometimes referred to as Gaia) and their Mother Moon, Luna.

Other Shifters exist, various types of predator that some say held different functions in ancient times when the Shifters held “Beast Courts”. These Shifters can be 'unlocked' with Plot Points with Staff approval.

Shifter Template Generation:

Staff will be more than happy to help players in regard to character generation. The only thing you need to bring to the table is a concept.


All Shifters are man born. (Some may be Metis, which are the deformed offspring of two Shifters as a Flaw) Animal born Shifters are rare, though cannot be created as characters since they have a completely alien mindset.


Are the phases of the moon that the Shifter were born under. Choose one of the following auspices:

Born under the new moon, Ragabash are tricksters, sneaks and teachers.

Born under the crescent moon, the Theurges are the mystery-seekers, the spirit-talkers, who deal with spirits and rites

Born under the half moon, philodox are the judges and mediators

Born under the gibbous moon, the Galliards are the voices of the Shifters and keepers of lore.

Born under the full moon, the Ahrouns are warriors and heros

Shifters that engage in deeds worthy of renown may be asked to join a tribe. Tribes are special Prestige Classes that may be unlocked with Plot Points at game.

Shifter Specific Qualities


All Shifters start with one free dot in each of the three virtues and allocate seven more dots. These are the virtues:

Understanding the Balance of the universe It is rolled whenever a Shifter makes a Harmony check.

The shifter's high moral and ethical standards of behavior.

Glory helps a Shifter overcome fear in the face of great adversity.

is equal to the combined scores of Honor and Wisdom.
is equal to the character's Glory rating.
Essence pool
is equal to the character's Stamina attribute, Power Score +10. The backgrounds Pure Breed and Essence Mastery may raise their Character's Power score. Speak to staff.
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