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World Lexicon

Airship Ferries
The advent of Tierside living increased the demand for a means of transportation that could ferry citizens from rooftop terrace to terrace. These MTA dirigibles haven’t flown in weeks due to the U.N crisis though people are looking forward to the days that these flying billboards will be gracing the airways once again.

Algonquin Freestate
The name given to a huge Native American reserve that was formally recognized as an independent entity by the United Nations in 1967. They used to be a conglomeration of dozens of reservations that opened a dialogue for unification in the 40’s. Recently they shut their borders to immigrants from other surviving North American tribes due to space constraints.

Central Park Crossways
Two elevated roads that connect the East and west sides of the Park. They start a block away in completely enclosed ramps. This was done to help preserve the aesthetics of the park.

The Counter-Espionage and Reconnaissance Wireless Integrated Network is a vast computerized camera system.

The Department of Police Deputization handles the licensing of private citizens as Police Deputies in times of crisis. (For a ‘nominal’ yearly subscription fee.) Most Private Security companies work in tandem with the D.P.D and require that their employees acquire entry level status with this department.

FEMA Camp One
Or simply ‘FC-1’ is the central headquarters for the containment and recovery operation being conducted by the National government.. It is located on an island just off of Manhattan’s east coast, the site of a former British fortress built to secure the area during that country’s brief occupation of the city during the Revolutionary War.

Old elevated subway lines that were transformed into elevated parks. The largest Greenway runs from Central park all the way to Battery Park along 5th avenue. These elevated Greenways connect with the groundside ones that interconnect the parks mostly through Brooklyn and Queens.

A Residential Entrance Pass is issued to citizens that live in areas designated as ‘controlled’. These are usually upscale neighborhoods or Tierside residential areas that feel more security is needed to safeguard those neighborhoods. This idea is supported by FEMA and the CDC that see it as a method to contain ‘outbreaks’ occurring in upper Manhattan.

Tier side
Elevated areas of large buildings that are connected by building to building bridges. Some residential shops, parks and even balconied restaurants can be found in the small yet expanding tier side parts of town.

The Tombs
Located in a section of East Harlem and the Bronx, The Tombs is by far the worst neighborhood in New Amsterdam. It is ranked amongst the top three areas in the country with the highest crime rates.

This is the hotline number for anyone to report activities of a suspicious/Anarchist nature. The Mayor reminded his citizens that spurious claims or any other abuse of this hotline will result in fines up to 1,000 dollars.

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